130         Tertullian's Apology for the Christians. L Apologetique de Tertullien: Apologie Du Christianisme (2e Edition) (Religion) (French Edition) [Tertullien] on Amazon.com. Observat. xiv. If the Quakerswould be determined by Tertullian, a person of great mortification, a mightystickler for anything which had the least appearance of extraordinary piety, andwithal an exceeding admirer of Montanus, and the false pretenders to the spiritof that age, they might hear him in this place frankly declaring that he shouldmake no scruple to call the emperor Dominus, or lord, to own him supreme, oras he in the foregoing chapter expresses it, subject to God only, provided thisterm Dominus might be taken in the common sense, and noways intrench uponthe prerogative of God. They would never, Isay, baulk a lie, in so grand a concern, was it in their power to lie,when a Christian interrogates them in order to give you a proof ofhis religion by their own confession. which Irenaeus and Tertullian prove from the example of Christ, to which we OF THE SAME CRIMES THEY CHARGE UPON CHRISTIANS. 32. [Tertullien. by voluntarily sacrificing his right hand to the flames for mistakingthe eneny. Cantab. Here you have another instance of the primitive Christianscomplying with heathen solemnities, so far as was consistent with innocence.The festival here mentioned seems to be a day of rejoicing for the suppressingthe faction of Niger and his adherents. 1 © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. o afiliados. But why should you call him lord, who is styled the father ofhis country ? In certain prayers, lest any of the words should be omitted,or preposterously repeated, there is one to dictate to the people out of a book,and another appointed as overseer, to attend how they pronounce." Not. p. 42. Apologize translation in English-French dictionary. 117. believe that ours is the God provoked, who is in contempt amongyou, and not those you have in worship. gods. and animated with one and the same hope. Por favor, inténtalo de nuevo más tarde. Or ifangels and demons act the same with your gods, pray where is thedifference between them and Him you look upon as the Sovereignand supremest of powers ? THAT CHRISTIANS ARE COMMANDED TO LOVE THEIR ENEMIES. And now for thephrase itself; we pray Sine Monitore, without a prompter or monitor, becausede Pectore, from the heart, that is extempore, as Mr. Clarkson and the anti-formulists expound it. Apology for the Christians. Tertullian's according to that of Herodotus inhis Euterpe, 0Ammou~n Sat. And if when hurt we must not return the evil,for fear of being like the rest of the world, where shall we find aman to hurt? What more lovely or desirable than to live in the hearts of his subjects, and tohave them all praying for him without the help of a monitor?" And so ACCOUNT OF THEIR NAME. 2 Nor willyou ever rise to that height of glory by your Philippics, as you would havedone by labouring to undeceive the world, and dispute the people into theirsenses." 2 h0 i9ereij pra&ttwsi ti\ tw~n qei/wn, o9 kh~|ruc pro&teisi mega&lh 21, that Christ bysuffering for us left us His example how to follow His steps, which was followedby a glorious cloud of witnesses, yet in these last days, what a brood hathsprung up 'of men who are lovers of their own selves, traitors, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God, having a form of godliness,but denying the power thereof, who creep into houses, and lead captive sillywomen laden with sins !' Tertullian's Apology for the Christians. iii. viii. ; pudica? Omnia adversus veritatem de ipsa veritate constructa sunt, operantibusaemulationem istam spiritibus Erroris. And had this inherent power of the Church actedstill independently of the civil power, and the people been made sensible of thenecessity of the communion of the Church in order to salvation, I cannot seewhy excommunication should not have as good an effect, and be as muchdreaded now, as in the primitive times, upon the same principles. From whence now, I pray, had your poets andphilosophers these resemblances ? But now this power and dominion of ours over these wickedspirits has all its efficacy from the name of Christ, and from ourreminding them of those judgments which are dropping upon theirheads from the hand of God through Christ, whom He has madeJudge of the world ; and the dread they have of Christ in God, andGod in Christ, is the thing which subjects them to the servants ofGod and Christ. Cui bello non Idonaei, etc. iv. For as those who have the reputation of godswould not say they are devils if they are truly gods, because theywould not divest themselves of their majesty, so those you know tobe demons durst never aspire to the titles of gods if there were anygods of those titles they usurp, because no doubt they would beafraid of smarting for that usurpation from those superior deitiesthey have thus affronted. Unde Cassii, et Nigri, et Albini? ANOTHER article we are indicted upon is this, that we are a good-for-nothing, useless sort of people to the world; but how can thispossibly be, since we converse with you as men, we use the samediet, habit, and necessary furniture ? And yet these gods will endure to beworshipped by such enemies, and decree them a perpetual empire1for so doing, when in honour they ought to be revenged upontheir outrages, rather than be cajoled by their adoration ; but godswho have neither sensation nor knowledge may be injured with asmuch impunity as they are served with vanity. Oh, never-to-be-forgotten example of Athenianwisdom ! then the reader is desired to observe, that Tertullian asserts a middle state Todos los derechos reservados. Whence, if not from the booksof our sacred mysteries ? Vid. law, that which says, Thou shall dono murder, or that which restrains the very passion of anger?Which expresses greatest purity and perfection, the law whichprohibits the outward act of adultery, or that which condemns thebare lust of the eye? A Christian then,says Tertullian, never thinks himself so fine, never so illustrious as at the stake,with fire and faggot about him ; he then is in his triumphal chariot going toheaven in state. Alexandrian Chronic, ad Algas.Qu. But if it be as you say, that they be the gods you worship whodo you all this mischief, and for our sakes too, why do you con- tinue such ungrateful and unjust gods in worship, who are somuch obliged to vindicate and assist you to the utmost of theiralmightiness against the Christians? Tertullian's Apology for the Christians. Now, among all these male- factors, there is not a Christian to be found for any crime but thatof his name only, or if there be, we disown him for a Christian. [The remaining pages, 145-270, containing Marcus Aurelius' Meditations, have been But allowingour tenets to be as false and groundless presumptions as you wouldhave them, yet I must tell you that they are presumptions the worldcannot be well without; if they are follies, they are follies of greatuse, because the believers of them, who under the dread of eternalpain, and the hope of everlasting pleasure, are under the strongestobligations possible to become the best of men. words, ti/ gar kako&n e0stin ei0pein, ku&rie Kai/sar, Butsome look upon it as madness, that when we might sacrificeoccasionally, and depart in a whole skin, or without hurting ourconscience, by virtue of an inward reserve to continue firm to our, 1 How well we practise this command of our Master,you yourselves can tell with a witness ; for how many times, partlyin compliance with a brutish passion, partly in obedience to thelaws, have you judges showed a most savage cruelty to Christians !How often without your authority has the hostile mob of their ownmere motion invaded us with showers of stones and fire ! But is it any great wonder that such charitable brethren as enjoyall things in common should have such frequent love-feasts ? must be conformed ; for Christ Himself did not ascend into heaven till after His Andreally we cannot help it; for in good truth we are not able torelieve such a parcel of beggars, both of gods and men ; we thinkit very well if we can give to those that ask; and I will pass myword that if Jupiter will but hold out his hand, he shall fare as wellas any other beggar. x. ep. Productos que has visto recientemente y recomendaciones destacadas, Selecciona el departamento que quieras buscar. VENERATION THAN THEIR GODS. But with what forehead can men entitle their greatness toreligion, when their greatness stands upon the ruins of religion? Such sports and plays which were exhibited by private men attheir own charges in order to ingratiate with the people, were called Ludihonorarii; and those of this nature were for the most part either fencing orstage-plays. Whyare we not equalled to those in points of privilege and impunity, towhom we are compared in points of discipline ? apologie translation in French-Vietnamese dictionary. Sed et juramus, sicut non per Genios Caesarum, ita per Salutem corum, etc.Here we have the lawfulness of an oath expressly asserted by our Tertullian,though now gainsaid by some new-fashioned Christians (if the Quakers maybe called Christians), and an oath too by the life of the emperors ; and a verysacred oath too it is, says our author, when so sacred a person is sworn by.They would not swear by their genii indeed, because they looked upon that asswearing by the devil and his angels; and thus we find that Joseph swore by thelife of Pharaoh. THE PUBLIC. Andis not the whole herd of condemned wretches which some publicbenefactors1 keep alive for the entertainment of the amphitheatre,are not they all of your religion? Greek word ko&lpoj; truly signifies, the primitive Christians understood a place In these wordsour author plainly alludes to the Second Epistle of St. Peter ii. son of Semele, the giver ofriches, etc. ; te celebrant, Eliciunq. Was there any worshipper of the true God atRome when Hannibal made such havoc of the Romans at Cannae, andcomputed the numbers of the slaughtered gentry by bushels of ringspicked up after the battle ? Sciant Sabaei, pluris et carioris suas mercis Christianis sepeliendis, etc.Thus again we have it in Minutius, Reservatis ungucnto Funeribus. world ? be passible without a union with matter, I mean the flesh; but xxv. and what human power is able toreach the conscience, and bring down that notion into practice ?For human wisdom is as subject to error as human power is tocontempt. It is all at most but human wisdom, andthat (as Tertullian says) is as subject to error as human power is to contempt,and both consequently subject to dispute. What strongerevidence, what more sensible conviction, could the heathens have, than to seeand hear the gods they worshipped, howl and wail and fly, at the name ofChrist, and confess themselves to be all devils in the presence of theirworshippers? But perhaps you will ask how the And it is reallyworth observing that in all these public evils the towns and templesboth are involved in the same misfortune; which would not be,methinks, had your gods anything to do in the matter, because theywould hardly have a hand in doing themselves a mischief. new world likewise had its season, which is but a goodly curtainbetween us and eternity, then all human kind shall be restored tolife, to answer for their several works, whether they be good or evil;and then consigned over to a state of immense perpetuity; and thendeath and resurrection shall be no more, but we shall be the samewe now are, and the same for ever. 1 10, p. 1011 which is still a further proof that the passage sine monitoreought not to be understood of extempore prayer. Andthe rest of the idols here mentioned are so obscure, and so much disputed, that Ibelieve the reader will thank me if I say no more about them. 51, p. 282, but to thedeath of Pertinax, is to me most probable from the history of Zosimus, lib. Ohthe just condemnation of Christians ! Hippias dum Civitati insidias disponit, occiditur ; hoc pro suis omni atrocitatedissipatis nemo unquam Christianas tentavit. THAT THE ROMANS ARE MIGHTY PRAISERS OF THE ANTIQUITY OF THEIR RELIGION, AND YET ADMIT OF NOVELTIES INTO IT EVERY L Apologetique de Tertullien: Apologie Du Christianisme (2e Edition) (Religion) by Tertullien. Cum ergo finis, et limes medius qui interhiat adfuerit, etc.

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