These tools have been used to analyze the genomes of many bacterial, animal and plant genomes (including his own favorite, cocoa). Often hanging out with entrepreneurs I realized that I had the same mindset and decided to join an aerospace startup. Fabien is also associate professor at CentraleSupelec and belongs to several scientific comittees (AMIES, Fondation Sciences & Maths à Paris,SIA, …). The company he co-founded, Shark Robotics, has developed a robot named Colossus that has been successfully integrated into more than 10 fire brigades in Europe, and helped save Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral when flames engulfed its roof in 2019. Durchweg positiv – so ist die Resonanz auf die CYBERSECURITY CONFERENCE der SAMA PARTNERS Business Solutions GmbH und ihrer Partner. Our directory is updated and checked manually to prevent spam and ensure that we remain the community’s preferred Cybersecurity resource for Conferences, Events, Meetings, and Seminars. Can European data regulation become a castrating factor for innovation? We are a team of passionates who conduct and coordinate open innovation within the group. This is especially the case for AI, considered as a « black box ». In 2007, he took the lead of the R&T department in applied mathematics to develop advanced methods in physical modelling, optimization, CAD/CAE, High Performance Computing, Probabilistic & Statistical Modelling and Model-based systems Engineering. Conférence petit-déjeuner sur la cybersécurité au sein de votre entreprise. Bertrand Monthubert is Regional Councillor of Occitanie in charge of Higher Education and Research and President of Occitanie Data and OPenIG. He was involved in the screening and development of strategic partnerships in Europe and abroad (India/Russia). This page is updated automatically and filtered with security events pertaining to Bordeaux. 4. or. TEHTRIS | 9,192 followers on LinkedIn. clock. He is interested in Data Science and Statistical Learning. En partenariat avec : PROGRAMME & INTERVENANTS. Author and speaker, passionate about AI and its impact on society and organizations, he delivers exciting and inspiring insights that shed light on complex issues. Raphael previously led a product team at Withings, a leader in healthcare IoT products, following the acquisition by Withings of Zyken, a sleeptech startup he founded. Hosted by. I actively support transparency and explanations on how AI make decisions, human’s supervision, ethics and digital & IA tools widest accessibility in the health industry. Are there common interests on AI shared by member states? Thierry BERTHIERHead of the Cybersecurity AI Group. He is observer at the High-Level Expert Group on AI and member of the security cluster of Hub France IA. 1,100 people follow this. He is a shareholder and present on the board of several Startups. What are the avenues to help French AI startups become unicorns? Speaker expert in Cloud Security at the National Assembly since 2010. She’s also the co-founder of Women in AI, an international community of 4500+ members, working toward a gender-inclusive AI. She then funded a startup (Mimetics to develop a neural-network based OCR product) to later join Atos (as head of a data mining – data warehouse group) and Business & Decision (as Partner) where she created and headed the CRM business unit. Arnaud brings more than 30 years of experience in the space business, where he has been holding over the years, a variety of Engineering, Satellite Programme Management and Director Positions. Impulsed the big data (project MINDS) implementation at Continental Automotive France in 2016, then extending the (big) data valorization to the next level with AI. About See All. Stéphanie LIMOUZINChief Business Development Officer. On the computational biology side, Thomas initiated the development of computer programs that have been massively used in biology, in genetics and genomics. David has led studies in several fields, such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Energy, Engineering, Public works, Safety, Airports or Water supply. In 2007, he joined “CS-Systèmes d’Information” as head of the Homeland Security division and then CTO. Au programme, café, croissants, conférence et session d'inititation au Golf ! Former student of the National School of Administration and the Graduate School of Public Health, David GRUSON, 41, is Director of the Health Program of the Jouve Group, specializing in digital transformation. Would the creation of a national AI agency be relevant in France? After several general management positions in Airbus subsidiaries (CEO Infoterra France, CEO Spot Image) and different VP positions within Airbus  in charge of  developing Innovative Digital Services based on satellite imagery for numerous vertical markets, Jean-Michel is now in charge of Strategic Partnerships for Airbus Defence & Space, Intelligence, from alliances with large companies up to startups scouting and building a digital ecosystem with the selected ones. Before joining At Home in 2018, he jointly managed the French Tech initiative in Toulouse. Sebastien Jardin is working in the Security & Safety sector since 2015. pin. Jean-Marie is Data Scientist at AIRBUS, member of AI & Analytics central team, representative at ANITI Education Council, focal point for « Recruiting and Training » at Aerospace Valley (E2 DIA) and member of the working group on « Attractivity and Training » part of the national « AI for Humanity » initiative. 17 years of experience in large scale industrialization of automotive powertrain electronic devices. En effet, 68% des entreprises françaises déclarent avoir été victimes de fraudes en 2016 contre 46% en 2011 et 29% en 2009. Conférence spéciale : la cybersécurité à l'heure du tout numérique - Duration: 39:26. polymtlvideos 755 views. Prof. Olga Battaïa holds the position of Associate Dean for Research at Kedge Business School where she is also a Full Professor at the Department of Operations Management and Information Systems. He is a fellow of the European Association for AI (EurAI), and of the Association for the Advancement of AI (AAAI) as well as a recipient of the ACP Distinguished Service Award. Philippe Coste is currently Partner at At Home, a community of 65 start-ups based in Toulouse and Paris. Hidalgo is also a founder of Datawheel, an award winning company specialized in the creation of data distribution and visualization systems. The idea of XXII in mind since forever, William Eldin defines his credo as: “let’s be simple, fast and transparent, look far and don’t be afraid! Before joining Balyo, Fabien served as a vice president at Aldebaran Robotics, a specialized humanoid robotic firm, where he worked alongside its founder, Bruno Maisonnier. Elle participe également à des groupes de travail et de réflexion avec de nombreux partenaires publics et privés. He co-founded with Sigfox of the IoT Valley in 2011. When he left Airbus in 2017, he was in charge of the Roadmap in Applied Mathematics &numerical methods at Group level. Show Map. Marjorie Allain-Moulet has been an AI and Big Data specialist in CS Group since 2014. Hidalgo currently holds a Chair at the Artificial and Natural Intelligence Institute (ANITI) at the University of Toulouse. Maître Cécile DOUTRIAUX, Avocate, fondatrice du cabinet Juris Défense Avocats, est membre de la Chaire Cyberdéfense & Cybersécurité Saint-Cyr depuis 2012, avec les sociétés SOGETI & THALÈS, leaders mondiaux des hautes technologies pour la défense et la sécurité, auditeur de l’IHEDN et membre de l’ARCSI. Françoise Soulié Fogelman has over 40 years’ experience in AI (neural networks), machine learning, social network analysis and big data both in academia and industry. For six years, Fabien participated in the development of this world champion by managing Operations until the company got sold to a Japanese Industrial. Contact Conférence du Barreau de Bordeaux on Messenger. Jean-Michel DARROYVice-President, Head of Strategic Partnerships Intelligence. Log In. Since 2008, Nicolas Dobigeon has been with Toulouse INP (INP-ENSEEIHT, University of Toulouse) where he is currently a Professor. government, unions). His suggestions are not only based on indicators, but on a strong day-by-day job contents’ forecasting, at a level companies and training players can make effective transformations. He is certified CISSP, ISO 27001 Lead Auditor. Nubbo Incubator was created in September 2000 and is funded by the Occitanie regional council and the French minister of higher education, innovation and research. Besides research and industrial collaboration, he likes to teach in both initial and continuous education. Before, he has been a permanent researcher in Sony Computer Science Laboratory for 8 years (1999-2007). In 1998, Fabien obtained both a Master Sciences in Engineering from CentraleSupelec and a Master Sciences in Research in Solid Physics from University Pierre et Marie Curie. Dr. Pierre-Yves Oudeyer is Research Director (DR1) at Inria and head of the Inria and Ensta-ParisTech FLOWERS team (France). In 2016 Olivier started a new challenge in the automotive industry, building data-driven and AI-powered services in the Cloud for connected vehicles. Days 2 and 3 of the event will gather even more industry experts to discuss the application of AI in various industries, such as mobility, manufacturing, and services, but also the role of AI in enhancing business activities. He has been developing models of intrinsically motivated learning, pioneering curiosity-driven learning algorithms working in real world robots, and developed theoretical frameworks to understand better human curiosity and autonomous learning. She then joined the School of Computer Software at Tianjin University (China), where she was a professor, head of the Data Science team. Elle a pour objet les technologies, l’environnement informatique, et les thèmes de recherche sur les systèmes de drones (air, terre, mer, sous-marins). Author: Henry Dalziel. Prior to this, she held operational positions in strategic planning and marketing within the luxury industry for the European and North American markets. Philippe started his career as an artificial intelligence engineer, then becoming an entrepreneur. Luc TRUNTZLERPresident of the Commission on AI and Cognition. After graduating from the Ecole Polytechnique and the Aeronautical Superior School in 1989, she served as head of military airplanes and helicopters’ flight navigation systems management at the French Directorate for Armament. His contagious passion makes those who know him tell that it is not blood but data flowing through his veins! He was seconded as an expert on economic topics in the Cabinet of the European Commissioner for Trade, and he hold the position of Chief of Operating Officer of the French-African Foundation for a shared growth, aimed at fostering economic partnerships through a network of African and French businessmen. Cyril Kabbara, co-founder of the French SME Shark Robotics, spent nine years working in intelligence in the French army before studying for a master’s degree in economic intelligence in Paris. After 20 years in local authorities, including 10 in the direction of economic action and research in the Midi-Pyrénées Region, I joined the Midi-Pyrénées Incubator in 2012, became Nubbo in 2018. She holds a research chair in the ANITI project on “New certification approaches of AI based systems for civil aeronautics”. Not Now. He is the co-founder of KanopyMed, a company aimed at improving health care systems through data-driven and population-based decision-support tools. Programme Intelligence Campus, Ministère des Armées, President/CEO, NXU / U-Need / HUB France IA, Chief Scientific Director, Health Data Hub. Fabien Bardinet is an aviation fan and a robotics enthusiast. His sharp expertise and his unique vision have been developed through concrete projects conducted for organizations in all sectors of activity, in France and abroad. De nombreux échanges sur un sujet d'actualité qui touche toutes les PME. He is the author of 100+ scientific publications, including influential articles in outlets such as Nature, Science, and PNAS. Patrick Séguéla holds a doctorate in AI, is an engineer from the National Institute of Applied Science (INSA). A network of centres of cybersecurity expertise, with a central hub.

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